VRBO Fiesta Bowl Parade Featuring the ‘All American Hot Rods’

These highly customized, high performance cars and trucks reflect the innovation, and resourcefulness,‘Spirit of Competition’ Hot Rods have changed markedly over the years. What began as a way to bring new life to old clunkers, Hot Rodding has evolved over the decades into an art form. Combining metalworking, with custom body sculpting, advanced mechanical engineering, and custom upholstering.

In many cases, highly customized pant jobs. Two of the requirements for a vehicle to be considered a Hot Rod are, they must be AMERICAN MADE, and have a “Souped-Up” engine. In the newer era of Hot Rods, most are built with the newest, top of the line safety, and mechanical parts available. Such as aluminum radiators, 4-wheel power disc brakes, power steering, and modern, “modified” fuel injected engines. Many even have air conditioning. Times Change, Cars Change, but the American ‘Spirit of Competition,’ AND, our Love for HOT RODS…… Never Changes. – Rod Loveless