Every year for the last ten years, the good guys at the Window Depot in Tucson put on a car show. They do it to raise money for toys for needy kids in Tucson. This year they had a record 260 cars! The Route 66 Brothers had to drive down and check out the show. The drive from Phoenix to Tucson was about two hours and for an unrestored 63 Vette that’s an adventure waiting to happen, as you can see by the photo, we got stuck on the side of the freeway! Now the adventure begins, there is nothing so deflating as your car coming to a stop on a freeway! Oh my gosh what happened, is the first thing that runs through your mind, well fortunately the gas gauge was off by a quarter of a tank and we just ran out of gas! Once refilled (thanks AAA) we were off again to see what we see, hear what we hear, and smell what we smell. The show was on the south side of Tucson, at the Window Depot warehouse. There was plenty of room for cars to park far away from each other which was really cool. The people were so friendly, and they helped a lot of kids have a great Christmas this year.

One thing you notice right away is the boys down south like their TRUCKS! The show was filled with a lot of lifted trucks, I guess trucks are the big thing in Tucson and there were a lot of them. Don’t get me wrong there was something for everyone but you can’t help but notice the inordinate amount of high rollers compared to shows in Phoenix! My brother and I have a road trip saying: Lets go, see what we see, hear what we hear, and smell what we smell. Well we saw the cars, heard the stories, and music, now it was time to smell what we smell and in Tucson that’s got to be a mom and pop Mexican restaurant. We both have birthdays in December and we have more memories behind us than in front of us, but as long as God gives us breath we will make each day the best adventure we can. We celebrated our birthdays at a little mom and pop Mexican restaurant on the way out of town. We lifted our glass of wine in a toast, to another New Year of God’s gift of life! That’s our wish for you… Make each day an adventure and may God’s blessings be on you and your family in the coming New Year. See you at the show!