It was a chilly early morning in January as Tony and I packed the 63 Vette with the standard items for a Saturday morning car show, you know… folding chairs, cooler with drinks and a snack or two. Somehow we always manage to fit everything tightly behind the back seats.  We are a little slower getting into the 63 Vette car seats than we used to be. So after the 10 minute adventure (ordeal) getting into the seats, we’re  off to the Superhero Car Show, in downtown Phoenix.  As we approached the show, my brother noticed the abundance of police officers all around. Panic sets in as he remembers being pulled over many times for speeding by the men in blue!  Tony shouts, ‘Let’s peel out man and get out of here, the cops are all over and they are going to get us for speeding!’   Tony calmed down as I explained the police are the ‘Superheroes!’, they are putting on the show today!  The show is organized by the vision of  Police Officer Mark, pictured here with Amber Skies on stage making announcements for the 4th Annual Super Heroes Car show, to benefit the  police charities.

Tony and I parked the car, crawled and fought our way out of the cockpit and set up our chairs and started to meet and greet.   We were surprised to see that people all around were dressed as SUPERHEROES!  We had the best of both worlds, superheroes and super cars.  As we walked around and checked out the rides, my brother and I both agreed on one car as the most unique one of a kind right.  It was a car that is a moving memorial to a young family member who passed away many years ago.   His death was such a shock because he was so young, his friends and family members  cut and cropped the top, and helped make the body work look unrecognizable  from being a 1977 Ford Thunderbird!  On the hood is a hand  painted face of the  young man  who passed away and went to heaven.  The owner of the car is Jerry Rodriguez, who also happens to be the president of ‘Redeemed Christian Car Club,’ a car club that has car shows and raises money for the needy.  To Jerry the car is a statement for us to remember loved ones who have passed away, and pray that we will see them again in heaven.   Search “Redeemed Christian Car Club” on Google for more information if you want to get involved.  

The show was a different kind of show with the superheroes walking around in costumes, they made it an adventure for sure.  But we have to thank the real superheroes of today, the men and women in blue who protect us and keep the unruly in check.  Thank you for all you do, for without you guys chaos would be the norm.