When you take a mid-60’s piece of art like the powerful convertible Malibu and turn it into something eye-catching, that builder has met his challenge. This 1966 Malibu’s heart has been replaced with a LS3. The 450 HP V8 moves the Malibu with power without having to show off. When I appraise a “Hot Rods by Dean” cars, I know the work quality is top-notch. My job is to confirm all that is represented from an appraiser’s review. These custom builds to owner spec’s come. with highly documented paperwork.

Most cars I deal with want a replacement value appraisal. When the purchase and build dollar amounts are with the car it is just a matter of confirming documentation and checking the car to be as represented.

The interior was done by Bell Auto Upholstery. The seats are very comfortable and brand new. The dash has been upgraded with Dakota Digital, Vintage Air and tilt steering wheel. The Malibu comes with PS, PB, Power Convertible Top. This car could go on any cruise to anywhere in comfort.

Hot Rods by Dean has upgraded the power to an LS3 engine noted for both its reliability and power. I documented only 85mi on the car since finishing the build. The LS motor is attached to a Tremec 5 speed manual transmission.

The enjoyment of appraising these cars of all types is in seeing how each owner has done the one or two things to make their cars unique to them. Classic Cars are not just vehicles; they are a tangible connection to our romantic past.