Pine Ridge Marketplace (Prescott Mall) – 4th Saturday of the Month 8-10am

Prescott Cars & Coffee is the happening place for AZ Motor Heads in Northern Arizona. The February winter event drew nearly 200 cars/trucks/ motorcycles. Prescott Cars & Coffee cruise-in happens the 4th Saturday of the month, 8-10am at Pine Ridge Marketplace more familiarly known as Prescott Mall, open to ALL makes, models and of course Motorcycle’s. Coffee by Third Shot Coffee and pastries by Chasen Gibbel and his Wife Kelcie until supply is consumed, who are the founders of this meetup. I asked Chasen why did you start the event? “Well, to fill a missing hole in the (928)/Prescott car community for a car/bike enthusiast gathering of all makes and models. From your 17-year-old fi rst tuner to his father’s Porsche, and grandfathers’ hot rod! This is also what makes the event special, its inclusive of all.” Our purpose is simple, to be a monthly gathering, (not a car show), for the local community and even car clubs who wish to come out and just have coffee and chat cars! That’s really what it’s about, new friendships and a chance to just talk cars, whether you’re working the 9-5, attending school full time, or retired, this gathering gives everyone an opportunity to connect with new and other car enthusiasts.

The origin of the name “Cars and Coffee” can be traced back to the 1930s when car enthusiasts would gather at local coffee shops in the early morning hours to chat about their passion for cars. This bringing car owners and fans together allows and nurtures the discussion of modifications, collections and cars. Cars & Coffee started seriously in the early 2000s when Barry Meguiar, the founder of car care company Meguiar’s, began hosting events for fellow auto enthusiasts at his home. His aspiration was to grow and nurture the growing number of car hobbyists or car enthusiasts. This event grew into one of the largest Cars and Coffee on the west side of the Mississippi, even attracting exotics and likes. What began as an informal somewhat spontaneous gathering of classic car lovers at Barry’s home and another car meeting called Donut Derelicts.

We asked Chasen about what is planned next. “We don’t have anything planned to make the current Coffee & Cars better, or worse except we will be having a food cart out in the parking lot starting this spring to make it easier for attendees to grab something on the go and continue their rounds around the lot.” “He did indicate that they are cultivating European cars and coffee, giving the euro cars of the area a chance to have their own niche event. Event is smaller in size, but the quality of Europeans vehicles in Northern Arizona is incredible! We are also working on an auto X event, but bear with us, as there are moving pieces that all must be done correctly!