I built this 1952 Chevrolet Truck for my good friend, Porfirio “Porfie” Pina. It has extensive sheet metal modification. The front end is a welded tilt front end, with the fenders reshaped and shortened. The cab is channeled over the stock frame. The frame has been boxed. It has a Camaro front clip, with disc brakes. The engine is recessed into the firewall. The frame is shortened six inches and the cab and bed are one unit. It is a dual wall bed, with the fenders extended and frenched into the dual wall. The engine is a 350 Vortec Chevrolet. The transmission has been rebuilt by Greg at Sunwest Transmission. The differential is an 8.8 Ford that was beefed up by Arizona Differential Specialists. The tailgate is handmade dual wall, with a 1956 hood emblem from a Chevrolet frenched in. The truck has ‘68 Chevrolet truck tail lights, and back up lights also the wiring is from a 68 Chevrolet truck. I call the truck the “PIT BULL”, because Porfie is a retired black belt. It handles really nicely, even well over 100 mph. The upholstery was done by Tino’s on Glendale Avenue. There are no running boards the lower body is shortened and rolls into the center.

I think it is a pretty unique truck, and I enjoyed building it for my friend in my backyard shop.

Mike Gray


Porfirio Pena


1952 Chevy Custom Pickup


Pit Bull