Mykk Hannan’s 23 TBucket

It’s been on the road for two years now, it took four years prior to build one piece at a time. No real build plans, just fabricating and adapting as I went along. At the time of the AZ MVD inspection, the inspecting officer took the Manufacturer Specified Origin (MSO) certificate associated with the frame from Speedway Motors and treated it as a bill of sale, making this bucket project a legal 1923 model year ‘Special Construction’. It’s a perpetual project, making changes and updates along the way. See the build at:


1996 BMW M62B44 4.4L V8 short block
1994 M60B40 4.0L heads, cams & timing chain setup.
Eaton M112 Supercharger and water cooled intercoolers from a 1998 Jaguar XJR on adapters to bolt down to the BMW heads.

1995 BMW 540i Getrag 420G 6 speed manual transmission
Single mass lightweight flywheel
BMW M5 265mm Clutch

70’s Jaguar IRS with inboard brakes,
3.31:1 ratio. Powertrax Locker

Engine Management:
Speeduino, Arduino based standalone EFI controller with wideband O2 feedback.
Audi R8 ignition coils
Ducati fuel injectors

Front: American Racing VN502
15” x 5” with Firestone F560 165R15.
Rear: American Racing VN502 15” x 10”, M&H
ROD07 Drag Radials 390/45R1 or M&H MHD-12
Cheater Slicks 30/14.5-15

2014 Mustang 5.0 Coyote 1-7/8” primary, stainless long tube headers. Flipped upside down and flanges modified for the BMW heads.
Pypes MVR200S M80 mufflers with 4” turnouts.

Speedway Motors Bare Nostalgia T frame
Speedway Motors Standard 23 T body.
Sectioned ‘32 Ford steel grill, at first 4” was removed then later a total of 7” removed.
Model A style 4” drop & drilled front axle.
Later replaced with a polished version and moved forward 6” ahead of the grill
Cowl steering using a modified and reversed manual steering gear from a 70’s Ford F100
Fabricated ‘Lakewood’ style 3 point roll bar

2 stage Nitrous injection, 60hp each stage with intercooler spray bar. Fuel injection controller triggers nitrous and increases injector pulse width for the ‘wet shot’