I have an all original 1949 Diamond “T” 1 ton truck. In 2001 I was at the Scottsdale Pavilions car show with my Diamond “T”. Some guy came up to me and said he has been quail hunting in New River, AZ for over 29 years and said he saw a Diamond “T” truck while hunting just sitting there. He gave me directions on how to find it. So, I went to New River, found the truck , which was in really bad shape and truck pieces were scattered everywhere, but I really wanted that truck. I finally found the landowner and he agreed to sell me the truck. I loaded the Diamond “T” on my flatbed trailer including all the pieces that were spread out. After looking at the truck and pieces at home I determined I still needed about 30% more parts. About a week after we towed it home. I knew it was a Model 80 and they were made in 36, 37 and first 1/2 of 38. Once we got it home and cleaned up the frame and found the serial #, then I knew it was a 1937.

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Michael & DeLene McQueen


1937 Diamond “T”


Chevy 350/240 L98
Tune Port Injection


1969 Camaro rear end posse with 373 gears

It took me 7 years to find the other parts, but I got it done. Once I had all the pieces it took another 5 years to restore and finish. In May 2013 I got the license plates. I was able to take it to its first ATHS Truck Show in Washington State. My wife DeLene drove it onto the field, she was so excited. USA Collision – owner Dave Robinson did the paint and body work. The Color is GM Red/Orange. I did the assembly and the pinstriping. The outside of the truck is restored to factory condition. However, the taillights are the only thing not original on the outside, they are 1939 Buick – LED and I made the mounting brackets. The cab/top is NOT chopped. The front is lowered. The engine is a Chevy 350/240 L98 Tune Port Injection, with a 700 R4 Automatic Transmission, 1969 Camaro rear end posse with 373 gears. My wife DeLene did the interior upholstery which is custom. The dash and door panels are factory original. Special Thank You goes out to my nephew Keith Cooper, and my Father-in-Law, Milton Cooper. Keith, for his exceptional welding skills, and devotion to this project. Milton, for working his magic on transforming ordinary pieces of wood, into works of art that draws a great amount of attention, and always incredibly positive comments. Grand kids, Dalton McQueen, Kolton Walentiny, Joshua McQueen, and Kassidy Walentiny would take turns helping to load/strap and unload/put straps away, then clean the truck while at the shows with us. When they turned 16 years old, they were allowed to drive the truck onto the show field. I am a member of the, ATHS – American Truck Historical Society.

— Michael & DeLene McQueen

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