Well, it’s the great time of the year for CAR SHOWS, and my brother Tony and I are ready to hit the road in search of car shows and adventure! We took a break during the summer months because for some reason our 1963 Corvette didn’t come with an air conditioning unit, so it’s way too hot at our age. Funny, I don’t remember it being too hot to drive in the summer when we were young! Anyway, let’s look at a fun car show that happened last month, put on by Dave Baker and the boys at South West Street Rods. is car club has been going on since the early 80s and they put on fun events for the club throughout the year like the annual Wings and Wheels show.

My brother and I picked two we thought were the most unique… meaning one of a kind and unlike anything else: I picked this outstanding blackout Cadillac! Built by Pat Bell at Arizona Suspension Specialist located in Show Low. It took his team almost a year and a half to complete it because of the extensive body and custom suspension work. I asked him for a ballparkfigure… “I can give you the receipts: $120,000 in PARTS, not counting my labor.” Plus, this monster has a 600 horsepower LS3 that really makes it a fun ride. You must see this car in person to appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship it has.

Tony’s unique pick of the day, a 1963 Ferrari GTO valued at $70 million! No, not really but the car he picked is a fantastic replica of a GTO owned by Paul Moore of Gilbert. is car was built by a company in California that built the car so exact and precise that they got sued by Ferrari and had to discontinue making them. It is built on a 1973 Datsun 240 Z, with a Chevy 283 V-8 and it’s a blast to drive, says Paul. My big brother Tony, being Italian and 19 years old in 1963 really wanted to buy a Ferrari GTO. In 1963 the Ferrari GTO was $6,000-$8,000. One sold in Beverly Hills in 1970 for $8,300 and that same car sold for $50 million a few years ago! Tony couldn’t afford a GTO so he bought his 63 Corvette for $3,500 and still drives it today.