Lorraine Hughes known for her strength and kindness, passed away on May 11, 2024, leaving behind a lasting legacy.

Born in Chicago on November 17, 1927, she was the eighth of ten children and the final one to ascend to heaven.

At a young age, Lorraine began her marriage with Bill Hughes, embarking on a journey that would shape the course of her life. Together, they nurtured a family of four children: Janet (Larry), Billy Jr., James (Robin), and Jeffrey (Lisa). Despite their modest beginnings, armed with only high school educations, they faced life’s challenges with determination. Their quest for a better life led them to Phoenix in 1971, where they seized the opportunity of entrepreneurship and founded Hughes Performance. Their partnership in the business, built on faith, trust, and sheer determination, not only flourished but continues to thrive today.

In 2005, Lorraine faced a significant loss as she said goodbye to her cherished husband and business partner. However, their collaborative efforts didn’t just yield success in business; they also shaped the lives of their descendants. Their four children, nine grandchildren, and eleven great-grandchildren stand as a testament to their enduring legacy of perseverance and dedication.

Beyond her entrepreneurial spirit, Lorraine was a woman of many talents. Her culinary skills were legendary, crafting nourishing meals and family favorites with love. Some of her favorite hobbies included, sewing and knitting, painting and ceramics. She also had a green thumb that grew lasting citrus trees and had a knack for floral arranging. She dedicated her time to church activities and groups, volunteered for AZ Helping Hands wrapping gifts for foster children, and participated in many social clubs such as, Bunco Babes, Theresians, and The Gently Aging Group. Known for her adventurous spirit, she enjoyed games of Quiddler and occasional visits to the casino, embracing risk that led her journey to success.

She loved traveling with Bill, cherishing both foreign lands and the United States. She was passionate about politics and prayed for God’s return to families, schools, and government.

Lorraine’s joyful laughter and vibrant energy brightened every place she went. Her long and full life gave her pearls of wisdom to share, in which she was happy to do so during her long conversations with loved ones. She would point out life is a series of successes and failures and we must remember to grow from both.

She will be deeply missed by all who knew her. She was one of a kind and to be loved by her was to be truly blessed.