“MY GIRL” is a 1950 Ford Crestliner. My wife Carol, and I purchased this car from an old Veteran out of Georgia a few years back. Woke up on a Sunday morning was looking at cars on eBay and came across this Ford, we already own a 33 Plymouth 5 window coupe which we call “Blue Moon” fun to drive but just not big enough for my grandchildren. I can remember when I was a young boy my father had a ‘50 Studebaker with the biggest back seat, we loved to ride in it, and going to the A & W Root Beer stand was priceless. Now, I had a chance auction pending, to relive that dream with my kids, and grandkids. Well, as you can see, we won the auction bid, and upon the car arriving we were trying to decide what to name her. My choice was MissBehavin, but if you look at her that was just too sinister. Then one day, we were listening to the oldies station and the song, ‘My Girl’ came on, it was always a favorite of ours. I always told my granddaughters, Haley and Abigail, this song was for them so what a better name than, My Girl.

My Girl has a 350 Chevy crate motor, with an automatic transmission. It has maroon and tan, tuck and rolled leather interior, full custom right down to the trunk. It has all the original gauges and gadgets, period correct, down to the magnifying glass on the center of the dash. You will notice the steering wheel was upgraded to a 1940s style banjo wheel, just for the coolness of it. It has 15inch chrome wheels with those big Coker white walls. It has a Mustang II front clip, with power steering and power brakes. Stainless steel exhaust run out the back with Smitty’s. The paint is almost 40 years old and was repainted to the original color which came from Ford Motor Company, down to the Black landeau top.

My Girl is a dream to drive with the big front end. I guarantee, ain’t no Cadillac’s got anything on… “My Girl”.

Jody Hall


Jody Hall


1950 Ford Crestliner


My Girl