My name is Jim Stoltman, and this is my 1952 Henry J Corsair ‘Blown Income’. I’ve been building hot rods for about 26 years as a hobby, and this is my

latest build, it was a 4-year project. About 10 years ago I built a 1951 Henry J and when I sold it, I had sellers’ remorse. This car started out a stocker with major Bondo repair. I stripped it down to bare metal and had the frame sand blasted and powder coated metallic gray.

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Jim & Paula Stoltman


1952 Henry J Corsair


427 S.B.C.


4 Years

I had help from Kevin Perry the frame is boxed with 4’ ladder bars, 8-point roll cage and tilt front end. For the motor Kenny Duttweiler , agreed to build me a 700 HP street able pump gas motor. The block is a Dart 427 S.B.C. with Brodix II CNC track heads with Jessel shaft rockers and Crower Cam. It has a 671 Super Charger, running 10% over driven with a Hilborn 4 port hat. The spark comes from a M.S.D. 6AL-2. The motor is bolted to a B&M clutch turbo transmission with a McLeod twin disc clutch and a Ford 9” rear end with 4.11 gears and Detroit locker. The front suspension is a Speedway straight axle with Wilwood disc brakes. Competition Engineering adjustable shocks front and rear. With the help of Scott Nething (T&S Auto Refinishing) who has painted my last 6 cars over a 26- year span. He got all the rust, dents and dings out. I knew he would lay down a nice coat of paint. I thought Ferrari Rossa Corsa Red would bring out the gasser look. All windows are bronze lexan with a bronze safety glass windshield. The tires and wheels 15×10 American Magnesium with 31×13.5 Hoosiers on the rear and Vintage wheel works 15×4’s on the front. the trunk has a 15-gallon fuel cell that pumps gas to the 3-gallon tank up front. I finished the build in January 2020 right at the start of Covid and haven’t had a chance to take it to the track. Hopefully this year I’ll be able to see what it will do.Special thanks to my wife Paula  for her understanding of my  addiction to Hotrodding. — Jim Stoltman

What is a Henry J?

This passenger car produced by Kaiser- Frazer in the years 1950- 1954. It is named in honor of the company’s founder, Henry John Kaiser . Production model with a 6- cylinder engine was launched in July 1950, Labor Day began production version with 4- cylinder engine. Official sales began with the Sept. 28, 1950 .

Following the acquisition of Kaiser-Frazer assets by Willys-Overland in early 1953, it was decided to discontinue the Henry J from 1953 model year. The remaining machines were sold very slowly until 1954.

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