His & Hers



Debbi Selby, Lake Havasu City

Chevrolet and Ford dominated the sedan delivery market which came into their own time spanning the late 40’s to the late 50’s – the peak age of the sedan delivery. Most were based on two-door station wagons blending utility with style, a useful tool for business owners of the era during the week and family wagon on the weekends.

Debbi’s sedan delivery is painted black sparkle roof over sassy pink metallic, teal pinstriping, riding on Goodrich skins and polished American Slot Mags. Powered by a Ford 351 Windsor engine with 650 Holley carburetor gets this delivery down the road through a Ford C4 transmission and Ford 9” third member, 3.73 gears. The chassis has a dual master cylinder supporting disc up front and drums to the rear. Magnaflow mufflers channel the dual exhaust to those behind her. The chassis was done by Michael Selby, her husband and Chief Mechanic!

The interior is pink obviously with a pair of pink fuzzy dice, a banjo steering wheel and polished tilt steering column. ’54 Fords had the coolest speedometer, a quarter dome with transparent cover highlighting the speedometer with an aluminum dash insert that is the full length of the dash, way cool. The black interior with sassy pink inserts makes this a classy ride for sure.

Debbi’s father loved cars and raced in the Winston Series back in the 80’s when cigarettes could sponsor NASCAR. This love of cars carried over to Debbi, who is sharing it with the next generation. The delivery outings involve family activities with children and grandchildren, involving and nurturing the next generation! You can often see Debbi at events, with Pharaoh’s Arizona, Lake Havasu City Chapter with pink hair to match her car so there is no problem finding her!


Michael Selby, Lake Havasu City

Following WW2 trucks were the first to get fresh vehicle designs due to the demand to haul since the pent up demand from the war with a halt in civilian vehicle production. 1955 was a major transition year for Chevrolet Trucks, starting the year with the 3100 First Series to be replaced mid-year with the Second Series and the introduction of the “Cameo”. The first series was almost identical to the ’54 model except for open drive shaft and of course the option of 12V or 6V. 1954 and 1955 First series are easiest to spot as they had one-piece windshields and cross hair grilles.

The build is classic farm truck Tan-Dupont, painted by Michael, with stock Chrome grille and finished off with wood bed, super clean and well detailed. The interior is saddle color vinyl with stock gauges and a restored classic stock steering wheel. The floor is finished with OEM thresholds and fresh rubber, and since this truck is in Havasu, it has tinted glass with smoked side windows to beat the heat!

The 235ci in-liner was a step up with full pressure oiling and insert bearings from the 215 ci previous year model. This in-liner is no exception, engine bay is clean with Brite work and even sports AC for those hot Havasu nites. The chassis is stock, updated with fresh components. Michael has done most of the work including paint/body over the 43 years of this build. His father bought the truck in 1966. Michael started driving it when he was 15. He and his father restored the truck together as a family activity. You can always see Michael and his farm truck at Havasu “Run to the Sun”, his favorite car event and local Havasu Favorite. He enjoyed the truck till 1985, then went into storage, until 2018 when he took it out of storage and started working on it to get it drivable with the help of Pharaoh’s Arizona, Lake Havasu Chapter. Michael faced some medical issues during this time and the Pharaoh’s unknown to him, took the truck, added AC, (thank you Mike Robbins and others). They freshened up things, fixed oil leaks, pulled the engine and made it drivable anywhere anytime! The Pharaohs really came together and helped Michael in his time of need.