I have owned my car about 8 years was finished 2012-13. The car has won over 50 trophies and plaques. The Paint is by John May Customs. The paint was a basic orange and John May added white. He painted it in his garage. It reminds me of a cream cycle. I have a few pinstripes that were done by Rick Losh, well-known long-time car artist.

Morbi vitae purus dictum, ultrices tellus in, gravida lectus.


Greg Capillupo & Shannon Faires


1940 Ford Coupe


Ford 427 Side-oiler Tunnel Port, with 2 four-barrel Holly race prepped carburetors



The firewall was shaved a few inches to accommodate the engine. The body is all metal with the hood and fenders bolted together to make a tilt front end.

The rear differential is a special 9-inch Ford, and the car is Tubbed.

The engine is the crown jewel of the car. It is a Ford 427 Side-oiler Tunnel Port, with 2 four-barrel Holly race prepped carburetors. This is a rare engine combination. It also has Sanderson shorty headers. The engine has 705 horsepower.

This kind of engine was used in the Ford GT 40 LeMans race cars that beat up on the Ferrari Team in the mid to end of the 60’s.

A TCI chassis is under my Ford with coil overs and 4 link, and Mustang 2 front end. The brakes are Wliwood disc. Wheels are American Salt Flat with Mickey Thompson radials. Front wheels are only 5 inches, and the rear are 15 inches. The rear tires are 30 inches wide. All 4 wheels have knockoffs. A big shout out to Robert Pond Motorsports for selling me the incredibly rare 427 block along with the almost impossible to find Ford Tunnel Port Heads and Manifold. Also, the Sanderson header company for being so easy to work with to get my headers to fit in the chassis.

My mechanic in Colorado, Mark O’Hayre was incredible. He is so precise and knowledgeable when it comes to building engines and fabrication. He also advised me on many other aspects of my build. Then there is Dave Jepson. He is my Phoenix mechanic and engineer. He is analytic and is a perfectionist. He maintains my hot rod in Phoenix.

Another important person is my cousin Gary O’Koren. He is an engineer, master fabricator and mechanic. He made a special piece for my C6 transmission that nobody in Colorado would attempt to do. The company that built my frame and other special pieces was C4 Hot Rods in Colorado. John Metcalf was the
manager along with Mike Fabrication genius and Al with body and Paint.

Last but not least my brother Marlon and cousin Larry Dardano.
— Greg Capillupo

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Photos by Rod Loveless