2006 Corvette from the Official Pace Car Collection – Mecum Auction 2023 

American Flag T- BUCKET – Owner  William Stevenson 

I built the car in 2008. It has a 302 – Ford engine, c4 transmission, Jaguar rear-end, Dakota Digital Gauges, and custom upholstery.  I built this car in about 1 yr. & 3 months. This paint job was inspired by the Veterans back when the US wasn’t doing very well. I never was in the military, God knows I tried to enlist in my 20s. So, I built this T- Bucket with the Patriotic American Flag paint scheme, pretty much for all of them that served in our United States Armed Forces.

2019 Dodge Ram 2500 Long Bed Laramie – Owner Jim McPehetres

I am a veteran of 35 years of service.  I chose these images for a simple way of explaining to those who do not understand the greatness of our wonderful Republic that we enjoy.  At least a half dozen times a day I have people coming up to me asking if they can take a picture of the truck and chat with me about it.  Even in southern California I had people daily taking pictures or videoing the truck.  They thank me and we have a great moment talking about the freedoms we enjoy. It is important especially in today’s worldly events that we remember, share, and talk to as many people as we can to educate why the Constitution and By-Laws of our Republic are so important for our future and our freedom.  Every time I returned from an overseas deployment I cherished the ground of our great country, and I am humbled to know that we enjoy these freedoms because of the men and women who serve and protect our Republic.