Howdy out there in hot rod land….well here we are for the annual “it’s too hot” get together at the different cruise joints around the valley. Our church even got into it for Father’s day this year with a couple of hot rods under the pavilion and you could take a selfie with both cars.

Other than that I’m seeing just an occasional car and it undoubtedly has full A/C. How did anyone even make it in the 1950’s around Phoenix in the 110’s for heat. O suppose the ole “swamp cooler” did all it could. I bought one once so that I could do some in the garage car work. Wow, what a concept ! I thought I was in the jungles of South Vietnam with all the humidity it caused. Sold it on Craigslist for sure.

So how busy am I? Well kinda busy doing some appraisals for insurance coverage, and for licensing an old car so one can save money. And a couple of estates that came up. The one estate was due to the passing of what looked like a real “Old School’’ hot rodder. The insurance people needed an appraisal of two rods. The first was a 1926 Model T coupe with a hot rodded Ford engine about 80% completed. Really good work for an ole schooler but maybe overlooked by the modern standards collectors.

Next to it in the 3 car garage was a 1951 Bel Air hardtop in about the same 80% percentile completion range. It appeared this guy was into the “donor car” mentality. In other terms let’s say you had the 51 hardtop and a 289 Ford engine that you wanted to marry each other. I personally thought it was an odd choice but one he had decided on, so what the hey. It all worked for him because he got the Ford tranny and rear end and disc brakes etc, etc.

But to the potential new owner these personal choices may go by-by. I’m just saying, with so many Chevy 350’s available, why would you put a Ford engine in a classic Chevy 51 hardtop.

I did know a guy that kept a 283 Corvette engine for over 10 years waiting for “just the right car” to put it in. He was a stock car kind of guy and he had taken it out of a 1940 Ford coupe. He wanted original so he pulled the hot rod Vette engine and waited for two coincidences. One…. a Flathead 40 ford engine and Two was a Corvette that needed an engine. Well, he found his flathead but never could locate the “right” Vette. I found a guy that needed that particular 283 Vette engine and the entire world was at peace.

So don’t worry about personal choices if you intend to keep a certain car. “Keep” being the operative word. But if you are more of a seller than a keeper you have to make educated or even reversible decisions….. Know what I mean??? Okay then let’s protect your hot investments and have them appraised so they are protected in case of loss. And thanks for listening to the RAMBLER. Feel free to call with any questions or to make an appointment. Gary: 480-792-0766 or 602-684-8562 on my cell phone.