Amen! for organizations like Dogs4vets. I found Dogs4Vets online a while back and immediately got in touch with Executive Director Shaun Claseman, thanked him for his service, and asked if I could help generate donations. He said, “Yes, please!”… and I was off and running. It is my honor to be a little part of the Dogs4Vets team.

When disabled veterans return from service, many need emotional, mental or physical support. Having a service dog can often help in so many ways–not just helping in daily tasks, but the mental and emotionally healing love and companionship the dogs can offer is tremendous. The program’s classes are hands-on; the owners and their dogs attend and work together side by side. Veterans can bring their own family dogs, or Dogs4Vets will help find a service animal. They work with a number of local rescue shelters, which allows for the opportunity to save two lives at once. Spot on!

The dogs range from Miniature Pinschers and Chihuahuas to Great Danes and English Mastiffs. Shaun says larger dogs are better suited for certain tasks. “As long as the dogs have the right temperament and are socialized, most of them can do a lot more than people realize.” Service animals become an important part of their owners’ lives. They can give somebody their confidence back, allowing them to participate in everyday life that we may take for granted. A service dog can give the owner or handler unconditional love and will always look out for them. This organization and these incredible animals can be lifesaving.

Training and the associated equipment are provided at no cost to the veterans. The program is funded through a state income tax credit, grants and private donations. For further information and to start classes, go online to dogs4vets. org or call 480-802-9339. A most sincere and heartfelt thank you to our veterans for your service and your sacrifice.

American Service Animal Society

Please visit or call 480-802-9339