60,000 PEOPLE, 17,000 VEHICLES, 206 VENDORS,

Rows and rows of trucks and cars, from backyard buildouts to vintage restorations, this year’s Dino’s Git-Down can be described as a huge family reunion.

GM truck and car owners were able to roll in and grab a parking spot next to their friends and spend the weekend showing off their vehicles and catching up. Families were grilling and having picnics in the tailgate grass area while kids played soccer and ran around having fun. Some even brought their own bands so there was plenty of dancing.

“We‘re told it’s the only GM Chevy truck show you can see from space,” brags Dino Battilana, the founder of the event.

“The vibe is something you absolutely have to experience,” he said. “We feel like we are all the same people enjoying the passion for these trucks and just out there having a good time together. It’s a group of the nicest people you will ever see.”

With 8,500 Chevy trucks entering State Farm Stadium on Friday, it felt like anyone and everyone with a vintage or custom build was in attendance. “That’s the beauty of Dino’s Git-Down, everyone can participate – there is no vehicle registration fee,” Dino said, adding that on Saturday, there were 8,800 GM cars and trucks.

For car enthusiasts, the vendor show can’t be matched as 206 auto-related booths lined the event offering everything needed for your builds.

“There is a hat for every head at this event,” Dino said. “Anything and everything you wanted to see was at Dino’s Git-Down this year.”

This event has a reputation around the world with truck owners and spectators. “We had trucks from New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia and Germany,” said Dino. “Spectators come from around the globe to have a great time and enjoy the show.”