Ever since I was 14 years old, I knew that I wanted to drive a Torino GT Convertible, more importantly, my parents Torino GT Convertible!

As fate would have it, my parents sold it to their best friends to buy new carpet for our house. My dream of owning the family convertible at 16 was over. I since have followed the car for the past 35 years trying to purchase it back, the car I use to fall asleep in as a child and got my fingers caught in the doors trying to be faster than my parents closing them. If memory serves correct, those old steel doors hurt! Some of the best memories were of my dad pulling our boat up the boat ramp with the Torino, it was quite the smoke show getting the boat up the ramp, we were a little redneck with a tow hitch on a convertible Torino.

My parent have since past and the family friend we sold it to still refused to let the car go under the pretense that I couldn’t afford the restoration and that the car wasn’t worth fixing up. As it turns out, he sold it 2 years ago to a gentleman in Dubuque Iowa who has recently restored it to its former glory. (hope to find it someday) Knowing this I started my own search in finding a Torino of my own. I was lucky enough to stumble on this beautiful piece of machinery. Our Autistic son, Lukas, loves going for rides with the top down. He loves the roar and vibration of the big 429 v8 and the wind in his hair! Not to mention, I get to feed my midlife crisis & relive childhood memories, while creating new ones with my family!

Bill Habben


Bill, Becky & Lucas Habben


1970 Ford Torino GT
429 Convertible



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Photos by Rod Loveless