Sorry for the unexplained absence with the articles,  I am still doing any type of auto related appraisals. I missed the last few issues taking care of my wife’s medical issues. She’s vastly improved in just the last couple of weeks.

My article is more advice than advertising. The subject is appraising and what protection does it offer if you had to go to court to PROVE the value of your car after it was in a wreck or stolen. From my side, I was asked to do an appraisal after the client had just received his appraisal from another local appraiser. The thing was, that first appraiser created a “document” that was terribly weak and his assumptions were horribly unsubstantiated. The real problem won’t show up until it’s too late.

After an accident or theft you will bear the brunt of the questions and have to PROVE your values to the other insurance company or even your own agent asking all kinds of value questions. Please don’t doubt me on this one because I see it constantly from guys that have been paying a company for many years only to have it blow up in their own faces. While you are yelling… “What the heck have I been paying you for all these years?????

Here’s the main point… ask the potential appraiser just how much he knows about “your” car. Ask him or her what they know about street rods and full customs vs. stock vehicles. Does this appraiser do other things like china and dolls and horses and other cool things that aren’t even close to what you want.

You see I know cars….. weird ones, rare ones, taxi cabs, water trucks, golf cars, jet fired dragsters and many other types of transportation. I appraise some that look like they dropped out of an airplane and into your backyard.

I was at the post office and talking to a buyer who has a 1970 GTO convertible. That is a rare car and needs sales figures from auctions or certain websites to document its value. I have done cars where there are only 6 known in the world. But I have a ton of related stories but the main idea is to get your car and investment fully and accurately covered by Classic Insurance.

So… interview your choice for an appraiser and make him earn your confidence. I always tell my clients that once I have seen a car and created the appraisal we are good to go to any court with confidence. So be safe and have an appraisal and Protect your investment. Call Gary at 480-792-0766 or my cell phone at 602-684-8562 with any questions or to set up a time to have me check out your car. Thanks for listening to the Rambler.


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