The 1963 Chevrolet Nova SS V8 played a significant role in the evolution of muscle cars during the 1960s. The owner of this SS has kept it original. The documentation, look and SS Package upgrades is where the value lies. It’s only Original Once. The Nova SS featured sporty styling elements such as Super Sport badging, distinctive trim, and chrome accents. This design aesthetic set the tone for other muscle cars, emphasizing a more aggressive and performance-oriented look. Many of the early 63’s had the 283 V8 installed at the dealer as an upgrade for the SS and this was one of those cars.

The body is straight as can be. The trim looks new, and these things are what adds to the original look and value. The top and cover could have been done yesterday and is tight. I always check certain body spots with a magnet, these spot checks just confirm that no body work has been done. It is amazing that the SS hubcaps are all still with the car. These were targets for bandits as they sold easily.

The engine compartment again, looked as if on the showroom floor. The 63 SS is like the 60’s Corvettes in that the owners chose either to remain showroom stock or do the luxury cruiser with the LS and suspension mods. There is an argument for both sides. Big money is gotten in the modern modifications, but big money is also spent. This original Nova SS takes you back in time.

The interior with the SS trim has the bucket seats, console and badging all over. The seats were comfortable and in very good condition, 88K shown on the odometer.
The oil spots were present when the owner backed the SS out. Taking a flashlight to it showed the leak coming from the oil filter. Owner stated he just changed the oil and would tighten, no concern there.

The V8 Nova SS made muscle cars accessible to a broader market, particularly younger buyers who were looking for a thrilling driving experience without the high price tag. Nova SS was more affordable than larger Impala SS.

And as always remember Classic Cars are not just vehicles; they are a tangible connection to our romantic past.

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