Allow me to introduce my


a true north midwest survivor.

Found in a field in Minnesota many years ago and brought slowly back to life by a wonderful couple Mr. Carmine and his lovely wife Teresa. Carmine took her down to metal and repainted her the original factory blue and gave her some mechanical upgrades as well as a few safety updates for today’s highways. The interior stood its ground and remained in very nice condition and didn’t need much. Teresa did have a new headliner put in but I believe the seats and dash are untouched only has a little over 31,000 original miles on her.

Carmine and Teresa enjoyed the Hudson for a good while in Minnesota and then I believe Tesera said they drove it out here about 2 years ago and kept her here at their winter retreat in Mesa, AZ. and several months later is when I step into the story.

After the tough decision (Teresa stated) of deciding to put the beautiful Hudson up for sale I came across the ad and made an initial inquiry. If I recall correctly I had to call a few times and leave a message or two. Nevertheless I was able to speak to Teresa and set up a viewing date. Now I own and have owned many old cars and make a point to be around them most of my time but let me just say there is something about walking up to a Hudson, especially one that has the possibility of coming home with you, they have a presence that’s for sure. Well the car was gorgeous and drove amazing so I was indeed interested. Teresa was there as guardian and sales executive and wasn’t just selling the car to anyone with money. Oh no! It was I that was being interviewed lol, and bless her heart for doing so. Us car folks know that when you build a car not to flip but to enjoy for oneself, it’s just as important as getting a good fair price as it is that it goes to the right person that will respect it as you. Thankfully I was stamped as approved! lol, and the. car is now in my care.

I didn’t get the pleasure of meeting Carmine but Teresa and I are still in touch and the Hudson is a real blessing and treat to drive and own. Possibly the only 1950 Blue Hudson driving about town, so if you see me humming down the street give us a honk! Cheers!