Fans of quarter-mile racing can celebrate the formation of the new Outlaw Pontiac Racers West Series this fall. The action will be open to ALL Pontiac models which includes both traditional Pontiac-powered vehicles as well as corporate- and LS-powered vehicles such as late-model GTOs and Firebirds. “Every Pontiac is welcome in this series, regardless of what’s under the hood or which axle is driven,” says series organizer Rick Unterseh.   An inaugural short-season Fall 2021 slate of races presently includes just three dates in Tucson, Arizona (October 9-10, November 20). This will serve as a prelude to the launch of a fuller 2022 season with 8-10 dates when the series is very likely to expand to include tracks in Phoenix, Albuquerque and Southern California.   To learn more, contact Rick at (480) 570-5583, or email