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Phoenix, AZ

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I am a native of Arizona and grew up learning to paint, airbrush and pinstripe at my dad’s body shop in the late 70’s.He was the first person to introduce me to pinstriping. He showed me how to hold the brush and a few techniques. There was not much information or how to books on pinstriping, so I would just experiment and practice on my own. I would pinstripe everything that would stay still long enough. I striped all the cabinets in the shop, tool boxes , and cars sitting around waiting to be painted. I even pinstriped my grandmother’s refrigerator.

Tonys pinstriping was established in 1987 after a seven-year enlistment in the Marine Corps, some of my first clients were dealerships like Linda Brock BMW, Coulter Cadillac, Bell Lexus, Sanderson Lincoln and several custom shops throughout the valley.

Pinstriping is full time job for me, I pinstripe several cars a day, I also pinstripe at car shows throughout the Valley.

Pinstriping looks good on all vehicles : hot rods, motorcycles, boats , your daily driver car or truck . I’ve also been known to stripe shoes, guitars and antiques.

Need some pinstriping? begin by looking at my website find something you like .There are many samples of pintsriping , artwork and prices. I can help you with color choice placement and artwork feel free to text or call me.

I also have a large selection of T-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, clocks and many other products with pinstriping artwork. Visit my store at

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