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2450 S. Higley Rd.
Gilbert AZ 85295


Mon-Fri: 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM
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Stamps Machine shop in Gilbert does engine and cylinder head machining on lots of different engines. In this update we have a very rare and unique example. It’s a 1916 Sandwich Mfg. Co. (from Sandwich IL.) single cylinder hit & miss engine. The shop will bore the cylinder and install the customer provided piston and the three huge piston rings. They had to create a special jig to hold the block for boring. Ready for pick up is a 355 small block Chevy V-8 that was fully machined and assembled, including a new roller cam and roller lifters. Another engine ready for pick up is a Jeep 4.0 straight six engine. The Stamps Machine shop has bored and stroked the block so that now it’s 4.6 liters and also features a 258 AMC crankshaft. On a cylinder head machine is the head from a Polaris 525 Outlaw. It was fully machined for a rebuild. Another very unique item in the shop is the cylinder head from a two cylinder 1976 Yanmar diesel tractor. The Stamps guys surfaced and machined the head and did a valve job including a new valve to replace a bent valve. The shop also does a lot of crankshaft work. They build or rebuild all types of engines. Call Stamps Machine in Gilbert at 480-988-5600. You can also have your vehicle serviced or repaired at the Stamps NAPA AutoCare Center in Gilbert, call them at 480-655-6101.


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