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3028 E. Danbury Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 85032


There are lots of older and vintage cars and trucks out there with non-working or not working correctly gauges and speedometers. Some of them may work OK but they look really bad. RS Gauge Works is the company right here in Phoenix that can completely repair and cosmetically restore your gauges. I’ve seen Randy turn rusty & crusty gauges into amazing gauges that look brand new. He can also upgrade your old gauges and radios with brand new modern movements. Converting your old vehicle radios into modern AM/FM stereo radios is another house specialty at R S Gauge Works. Shown here are a few recent examples in the shop. A rusty-crusty 1946 Oldsmobile AM radio has been completely cosmetically restored and converted to a modern AM/FM stereo, with two integrated speakers. It’s pre-wired for two more external speakers and has several auxiliary jacks where an amplifier can be added for even more speakers. It also has a USB port, Bluetooth for your phone, and an auxiliary port. A 1970 Chevelle AM radio has been converted to AM/ FM stereo just like the Oldsmobile, except without the auxiliary jacks and built-in speaker. A Chevy C-10 gauge cluster has been completely rebuilt. A 1932 Ford Hot Rod pickup now has the gauges from a 1955 Ford car. R S Gauge Works converted all of the gauges to 12 volt and changed the movements to Auto-Meter. The ‘55 Ford AM radio also got the AM/FM stereo conversion. Call R S Gauge Works at 602-978-1746 about your gauge, speedometer or radio needs. Please mention Roddin’ & Racin’ when you call.


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