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  • Engine Rebuilding
  • Car Restoration
  • Truck Restoration
  • High Performance Upgrades


2134 S. Idaho Rd.
Apache Junction, AZ


This shop specializes in building Hot Rod engines and doing a variety of other mechanical-related Hot Rod work. Plus, the shop is full of original vintage engine and older car related used parts. You never know, when you’re looking for a specific intake manifold or cylinder head or piston or exhaust manifold or header or even a certain body part the Restore Old Cars shop just might have it right there?? As mentioned, the shop builds engines here are a few recent examples; One is a 1958 Chevy 348 with tri-power, it was completely built by Restore Old Cars. Two other engines show, a 351 Windsor Ford V-8, that they stroked to now be 391 cubic inches and a fully built and balanced 355cid small block Chevy engine, with Keith Black pistons and a Howard’s hydraulic cam. It’s uniquely painted and will be going into a young lady’s 1954 Chevy pickup. Also shown are many of the misc. parts and components on display. In the garage is a 1964 Ford Falcon that will soon be fitted with that 391 stroker mentioned earlier. On a cylinder head machine, is the head from a 1959 Pontiac 389, that’s being machined for new hardened valve seats. An aluminum 215 V-8 Buick cylinder head is being machined as part of the engine’s full rebuild. An ‘81 Camaro will be getting a front to rear complete rewiring, plus the shop built and will install its 355 V-8 and Turbo 350 transmission and all of the other required work to make it a running driving car. A 1972 Chevy pickup also got a fully built and installed 360cid small block Chevy engine. These are nice examples of the work and used parts that Restore Old Cars in Apache Junction, AZ specializes in. Call them at 928-200-0904. Please mention Roddin’ & Racin’ when you call or stop by at 2134 S. Idaho St. in A J, just three blocks north from the 60 freeway.


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