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Our Process:
We use the safe and eco-friendly Dustless Blasting® process.

When you see many of these beautiful and amazing fully restored or custom-built vehicles, you can bet that most of them got started by stripping the body back to bare metal. That process shows you exactly what you’re starting with. It exposes any rust areas, small dings, and dents that may not appear very well to the naked eye. And, it gets rid of all of the old tired and worn paint and even powder coating and body filler, so you can basically start with a clean canvas for your restoration project. R & B Hydro Blasting does both dustless and traditional blasting. For the dustless process, they introduce water into the procedure. Either way, you know what you have when they’re finished. The media blasting can also be done on just about any metal parts from vehicle frames, wheels, suspension parts, engine and drivetrain parts, lawn furniture, cement, brick, and so much more. The photos shown here are from a 1955 Dodge pickup truck that had been completely disassembled before the blasting. They used a medium coarse crushed glass media for this job, but there are several different types of blasting media available. Doing it this way, even the dash and hard to reach parts could be fully stripped down. R & B Hydro Blasting is a mobile service, so they will come to your location and they provide a free quote for your job. Call them at 520-580-2783 (serving the metro Phoenix area). Please mention Roddin’ & Racin’ when you call.

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