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Our Process:
We use the safe and eco-friendly Dustless Blasting® process.

Just about anyone that has owned an early to mid 2000’s GM pickup truck or van, knows how bad the white paint was on these vehicles. I own a low-mileage 2007 Chevy 3500 van, but about 20% of the white paint has already flaked off, and to properly repaint it requires getting that original paint removed. High pressure media blasting is the only easy way to do it. R & B Hydroblasting can do mobile blasting or you can go to their location. For the mobile blasting you need to have enough space, so for me going to them was the best option. A Chevy 3500 full size van is a huge vehicle with large painted areas. It took the R & B crew over an hour just to tape off all of the windows and chrome and rubber areas before blasting. We went with baking soda as the blasting media because the paint was already coming off pretty easily. It actually only took 3-4 hours of blasting after the taping process. The crappy white paint is now gone and the van just needs some light hand sanding before being repainted. Along with removing paint, rust, even powder coating and hard to remove stickers from vehicles is just one of the things that can benefit from media blasting. Many different automotive related components, from frames to wheels even motorcycle and off-road vehicles can be stripped down. Plus, walls, floors, wood from fire damage and so many other items. Shown here are a few recent examples from R & B Hydro-Blasting. Call them at 520-580-2783 (metro Phoenix). Please mention Roddin’ & Racin’ when you call for a free quote on your items.

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