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I have been working on my 1957 Ford 2 door Ranch Wagon since early December, when I brought it home from Oregon after my cousin Ed had passed away. It came home with a dangling broken cruise control/blinker switch and the tail lights and stop lights really never did work properly on this car and all of these electrical gremlins needed to be repaired correctly. I always joke that I’m a BOZO when it comes to mechanical things and this Ford has dramatized that fact hundreds of times since it came back home. Me, doing anything with the wiring or electrics would be a mistake, so l called Brian from Pridemore MotorSports, explained my Ford’s problems and he said yes he would work on it for me. He arrived exactly on time in his fully set-up van. He put up these little tables with all of the tools he needed and went right to work on the cruise control/blinker switch. First, he used a puller to remove the steering wheel and discovered that the blinker assembly was a common General Motors unit. I had already purchased a replacement cruise control switch/arm, but we needed a new blinker switch arm. He called the local Auto Zone that had one in stock. While l ran down to pick up the part, Brian wired in the new CC switch & arm. He also found a grounding problem that was affecting the radio and A/C system. It literally only took him 15 minutes to install the new components and re-attach the steering wheel. Next, he traced down the problem with the rear lights, which ultimately required installing some jumper wires instead of ripping up the new carpeting. I was very impressed with his knowledge and the professionalism he applied in repairing the electrical gremlins on my Ford. One of his specialities, is creating a custom wiring harness for whatever the requirements may be. He can also completely rewire your vehicle with custom wiring or install an after-market system. Call Brian at Pridemore MotorSports at 303-944-7645 (he’s local in metro Phoenix). Please mention Roddin’ & Racin’ when you call.

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