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This is just a quick little update on a job that Brian Pridemore did on a 1991 Chevrolet 1500 pickup. The truck had been converted from automatic column shifter to a B & M floor shifter, but a neutral safety switch was not installed that the engine could be stated in any gear, so you can imagine how professional like Brian Pridemore, this is not a difficult job, but to a normal person finding and taping into the correct terminals is not an easy job. The truck will now only start in Park or neutral just like from the factory. He also fully wired up a new Auto Meter tachometer and installed plugs so that the tach could be removed or mounted in different areas.

Another beautiful car in need of a little wiring love was this Dodge Dart. The engine bay of this ‘67 convertible Dart was giving the owner fits. He just couldn’t get the new engine and Fuel Injection to run right. I salvaged the original factory engine harness and modified it to integrate the fuel injection.

As mentioned, this was just a quick update, on small jobs and they were done at the owner’s location, because Pridemore Motorsports is a full mobile service for automotive electrical needs. That comes invery handy if you can’t drive your vehicle, because of an electrical problem. Call Brian Pridemore at 480-352-4200 he serves the metro Phoenix area. Please mention Arizona when you call.

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