Please Tell Me It’s Not Already June

Nevermind, we can’t turn back the clock. I’m writing these words on May 22nd and it’s only 93 degrees today, but I will bet, by the time you are reading this, we will already have had at least a few days 107 or hotter. The older l get the harder these Arizona summers are to deal with. So, with that said, I’m taking a serious step to make life easier this summer. In the next two weeks before the day after day of HOT HOT HOT temperatures kick in, I’m going to install a Mini-Split A/C unit in my garage. In my research, it looks like it will cost less than $600.00 for a 110 volt unit. I will also add insulation in between the 2 x 4s. I won’t try to cool the entire garage, only about a 20 foot area for working on my project vehicle. With a cooled down garage area, the summer will be a lot easier to have a convenient place to make progress on my projects. Right now, the number one project is my 1970 Camaro. The body is fairly rough, but basically rust free. My objective is to smooth out the body as best l can and fully prep the car for a single stage paint job. After the Camaro is painted, it will roll out of the garage and a 1965 Ford Mustang will roll in. Please remember that summer is a great time to make progress on your special vehicle. Many of the car related businesses are busy most of the year, but they may slow down in the summer months, making that a perfect time to call and talk about your project needs. If you call a Roddin’ Arizona advertiser, please mention Roddin’ Arizona when you call. It helps them and it helps us.

by Jerry Hutchcroft
Car – Nut – Ball