My My, 2021 is quickly turning into a very momentous year. The covid-19 pandemic is losing its grip on the World, OR IS IT??? Donna and l have both gotten our first of two vaccine shots. Donna has turned 60-something, I’ve turned 70. We got a little camper for our pickup truck, mainly to have a cool place at the drag strip. Drag racing has returned to Arizona, after virtually none in 2020. I’ve raced at both Tucson Dragway and at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park already three total times in 2021 and will get two more races in on April 24th & 25th at Wild Horse as part of the Summit Racing Series. On that drag racing front, I’ve already raced three different cars, which IS NOT GOOD. The ratty little 1963 Chevy Nova fourdoor will be my official streetstrip car from now on. I know that I’ve said it before, but you gotta stick with one car at some point. Here’s another bit of exciting Hutchcroft 2021 news, my son Andy from Long Beach California and his family will be moving to San Tan Valley in the late spring. That means that three of my four kids and the grandkids will now live within 20 miles ( come on Darla you can do it) . We have a new President and Vice President along with many political changes including much higher fuel prices and some other scary changes. But, here’s the big news, Donna and l have talked about selling Roddin’ & Racin’ for a couple of years, but we always knew that it had to be to someone who could move it FORWARD in a positive way. I did not feel that we were doing that, at least for the last 4-5 years. We have done nothing with the website, despite people encouraging me to do so – I was simply not motivated in that direction. Admittedly, I’m technology challenged and really not interested enough to keep up with the latestgreatest. J eff Nagy and his great team at Nile Graphics in Phoenix ARE . We have worked with them for well over 20 years. They have created the awesome front pages for Roddin’ & Racin’ for most of those years, created countless professional ads whenever we needed one, and they have administered our website since day one. They have encouraged me many times to update the website, to add content and to put some of the Rod Loveless photos there. When Rod goes to an event, he always takes lots of great photos, but we can only use a small portion of them in the paper, so the website is the perfect place to display them. As you can imagine, after 3 1 straight years and over 3 75 months of producing this publication, selling it was not an easy decision, but selling it to J eff and Nile Graphics WAS. It’s very exciting to see how excited they are about taking over the production of Roddin’ & Racin’. It makes me smile to know that they will move it forward in a positive, more professional way than we ever could. I always joke that my tombstone should say “TIMING IS EVERYTHING” and for Donna and l, the timing was right and Jeff and his staff are the right choice. But, I’m not leaving – l will remain as a hands-on consultant for a long time. I will continue to do Advertiser Updates, deliveries, event coverages, photoshoots, and whatever I’m asked to do. I’m actually more excited and motivated to be working with the Nile Graphics team than l was on my own. Another great example of why the timing is so right. New blood and new ideas and comments will be a good thing. Donna and I sincerely from our hearts THANK EVERYONE for their support over these many years.

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