Like most of you, I am SO HAPPY the triple-digit temperatures are finally in the rearview mirror. My energy for working on my cars has finally returned, so now maybe l will finish the body prep and paint the ‘79 Camaro that l was going to turn into a ‘70 Camaro, until l realized how expensive that process would be, and the car would still actually be a ‘79 Camaro value wise. I am so hopeful that by the time you are reading this, l will be driving and enjoying my actual 1970 Camaro. Please read the Advertiser Updates from GEN 2 Automotive Machine (480-217-2640) and from FAST Motorsports (623-200-2962) about the final mechanical upgrades to the car.

Google and YouTube are great sources for finding info about car-related projects. The top of the plastic dash in my ‘94 Chevy pickup was full of cracks and pieces were beginning to break off, so l did some research and discovered that you can actually weld plastic. Not in the traditional sense, but, by using a simple soldering iron and flipping the sharp pointed tip around to the flat side you can melt the plastic in such a way that it bonds the cracks back together. My dash had multiple cracks and 5-6 pieces that had broken off completely. On some of the larger cracks and broken pieces, l used parts of metal paper clips melted into the plastic to add strength. It took a while to weld up all of the cracks and when you look at it without the fabric cover, it looks like a Frankenstein monster, but the dash is actually pretty solid now. Thanks Google and YouTube for the information.

With this beautiful Arizona fall weather, comes the return of rodding and racing-related activities. To me and many others, the news that the local drag strip will NOT be closing is a fantastic reality. Track/ event information is a bit sketchy at this time but all of that will fall into place soon, I’m just so glad the multiple tracks at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park will remain open and the NHRA Arizona Nationals will return in 2024. On November 17-18-19 the GoodGuys Speedway Motors Southwest Nationals will return to Westworld in Scottsdale. I certainly plan to be there along with thousands of others who are excited to see our amazing car culture in full bloom at this awesome event. In closing, GO DIAMONDBACKS!!!!