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  • Custom Paint Jobs & Restoration



2001 W. Chery Dr. Suite 3A
Phoenix, AZ. 85021

Custom painting is one of the mainstays at Lucky’s shop, but doing all of the proper prepainting prep is actually more important than the actual spraying of the paint. Here are several examples; a 1968 Oldsmobile 4-4-2 has received that expert preparation, that fi rst being stripped to bare metal. It is being restored and painted in loving memory of Joe Martorelli. Another rare and unique car, that went through a meticulous concourse quality preparation process, is the green 1939 Cadillac Series 75 convertible. All of the body panels were removed and painted. After the complete post-painting wet sand and buff process, they will be reinstalled. A 1967 Lincoln Limousine with suicide doors is going through all of the pre-painting prep and will be painted black, one of the hardest paint jobs to get right. Along with the custom painting and restoration work, Lucky Luciano’s shop also does insurance collision repairs. There were two late model SUVs in for that exact procedure. These are nice examples of the type of work you can have done at Lucky Luciano’s Custom Painting shop and he’s still looking for an experienced body person for light collision and restoration repairs and painting helper. Call Lucky at 602-906-1313, if he can’t get to the phone, please leave a message and please mention Roddin’ Arizona when you call.


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