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In the process of building my 1970 Camaro which had its original 3 speed manual transmission and a slipping clutch, l wanted an automatic transmission. And, l just happened to own a Turbo 400 3-speed automatic trans from one of my previous builds. Since l plan to keep this Camaro (NO I’VE NEVER SAID THAT BEFORE HAVE I??)  l wanted the best torque converter and a torque converter from Hughes Performance is the perfect choice. Kevin Klienwebber has been a part of the Hughes Performance team for several decades and he’s a former NHRA World Champion drag racer. I’ve known Kevin for a long time and he helped me choose a 2500-stall torque converter that’s just right for my planned use of the Camaro. He asked me questions on how l plan to use the car, what engine and transmission etc. The car will have a 383 stroker small block engine, but not of the 400+ horsepower variety. Mine will be a mild-built engine of 300 to 325HP. AZ Differential installed the transmission, shifter, torque converter, driveshaft and a new custom built 9” Ford rearend. Even with the old 305 V-8 engine, the Camaro now drives  fantastic. I can’t wait to get the new 383 stroker installed. Call Hughes Performance at 602- 257-9591. Please mention Roddin’ Arizona when you call or stop by.

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