JERRY: One of the very important things that l forgot to mention during those five years, was meeting Nancy Perry. When we needed T-Shirts to sell at the events, someone said hey you need to talk to Nancy Perry, because she sells T-Shirts, golf shirts, ladies tank tops, jackets, etc. and other car-related items like dash plaques.

JEFF: I remember meeting her at one of her Crusin’ Central events many many years ago. It was a huge deal!

JERRY: When I first met Nancy in the 1990’s, she was a fast-talking, fast-moving, whirlwind of a lady that ended up doing all of our Pro Nitro shirts for the entire five year run. It’s funny, because today some 20+ years later, Nancy is still that dynamo, only now she is also the Queen of putting on great car shows and charity events and of course she still creates and sells lots of T-Shirts and those other items. Nancy loves our military vets and her Nancy Perry Productions produced Veterans Car Shows are some of the biggest and best car events in Arizona. She always rewards the Veterans with free car entry and some type of memorial item that they can keep. The tears flow when Nancy emotionally thanks the Veterans for their sacrifice and service to our country.

JEFF: That was a very cool time. Hey, were we going to talk about the Roddin’ & Racin’ TV Show?

JERRY: Yep… About two years after Pro Nitro ended, I was approached by someone that wanted to produce a Roddin’ & Racin’ TV show. After doing some research, l realized the best option for me was to buy the air time and produce the show myself. That confidence came from starting the newspaper with zero experience and doing the Pro Nitro series with zero experience. The show started out on ESPN-2 airing in the Metro Phoenix market. That deal lasted for about six months, then ESPN took that half-hour local spot away and went 100% national. I then put a program together with the local FOX Sports station and that half hour program lasted for about 18 months. Then 2008 hit and within a few short weeks 80% of our sponsors had pulled their ads. We were DONE.

JEFF: Weren’t you right back on again?

JERRY: Yes we were only off of the air for about a month, because l found that COX Cable had a local station and we took a half-hour slot every Saturday morning at 9:30. As it turned out, the Roddin’ & Racin’ TV show had a 10 year life span airing in metro Phoenix! I felt 10 years was a good solid run and ended the show in 2016. Jeff & Chris helped me with art and graphics for the show many times.

JEFF: Thanks for filling us in.

See you in June!