I guess the beginning of a new year is a good time to reflect on the recent past and the upcoming future. For me, 2022 was an OK year, except for the passing of my cousin Ed in November. I still want to call him every couple of days. 2022 saw many more improvements to the newspaper. Those guys have graphically improved it so much and they’ve done so much more online and the website. There is no question Jeff and Lucy were the right choice for new ownership. I really enjoy being part of the team and so respect the decisions they have made with the paper. And as far as 2023 goes, l’m looking forward to continuing being a part of the team and now that my ‘78 Chevy Nova is almost ready for cruising and drag racing I will definitely be doing more of both. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


For me, 2022 started strong and ended even stronger. The one constant is the great car show people, and their great rides. I love taking photos and having them posted in the newspaper, or online. At many of the car shows, I might shoot 100 to 200+ photos and there may only be 10-20 or so photos printed. However, if you go to or Facebook, you will see everything I shot. What goes along with your photos published in the newspaper and online… Yep, Bragging Rights! Speaking of being online, I am thankful for Roddin’ & Racin’ working hard online and expanding event coverage where it wasn’t before.

When it comes to car shows, I would be remiss if I did not give a shout out to Nancy Perry, aka “Arizona’s Car Show Queen.” She is the heart of car shows in the valley. 50 Saturday Night Cruise-Ins, 27 ‘Hot Rod Nights’ at Westgate, 16 Friday Night ‘Feature Cars’, 28 Major Car Shows, 2 Toy Drives and 4 Breakfast Cruise-Ins every year! Many are FREE, but she still has awards, dash plaques and t-shirts, free to the first 100 vehicles. All her major events, and Hot Rod Nights at Westgate, have live music. Last year, one show had 600+, and another topped 800 registered vehicles. Another thing that I am so happy to have happened in 2022 was the opening of the ALL NEW, Martin Auto Museum and Event Center. It is truly one of the finest in the country!

As a photographer for the newspaper, I have the great privilege of receiving media credentials for major events around the valley. Two of the coolest experiences last year (and in past years) is standing on the auction block at Barrett- Jackson when vehicles are selling for millions of dollars. Also, the NHRA Arizona Nationals at Wild Horse Pass. Media credentials give me full access to the track and pits. The most mind-blowing experience is to stand right next to the track, behind a 2 ½ ft. cement barricade, and having a nitro methane burning dragster, or funny car, blowing past you at 300+ M.P.H.


I totally agree with you both. We’re really thankful for you Rod; an extremely dedicated car guy who is out there, show after show, talking with other car enthusiasts and getting photoshoots lined up every month, providing us with more photos than we can get into the paper. He’s also extremely dedicated to not only covering the cars but also the people that are the heart and soul of each gathering. Rod also really keeps his ear to the ground and keeps us in the loop with the events that aren’t getting the publicity that they need. He does his best to help make sure that the community is aware of every event that he hears about.

It’s also great to have 16 yr. old Myra, an up and coming photographer and journalist, out traveling around Arizona with her dad to cover events outside of the Metro area. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that there are still youth who are interested and appreciating these cars and the amazing work and attention to detail that all of you have put into your cars.

Another person that is behind the scenes and we are thankful to have working with us is Ian Nagy…For all subscribers out there, he is the reason the paper shows up in your mailbox monthly. He does a great job of making sure your paper is labeled, sorted and makes it to the post office every month!

I also wanted to mention Mark and Tony Di Bernardo, The Route 66 Brothers, who travel Arizona in their 1963 Corvette covering Cruise-ins and car shows. Their storytelling and photography is appreciated and we’re looking forward to their adventures around Arizona in 2023.

Gary Lindenmayer is another contributor that we really appreciate having as part of Roddin’ & Racin’. We always look forward to reading his articles and seeing what insights he has to offer. He is very knowledgeable in the collector car market and offers a real service to collectors who may have questions about how best to insure their vehicle.

And where would all of this be without the man who started it all… Jerry himself. I am so glad you like being on the team and continue to put in the hard work it takes to get this job done each month. You have always been a pleasure to work for and now are truly a pleasure to work with!


As the final page of 2022 is now behind us, it is time for us to thank one of our most valuable assets — our readers. Every month folks like you look forward to Arizona carshow and race news, coming events, commentary, entertainment and advertisements — and we thank you.

In recent years the newspaper business has changed dramatically and will continue to do so, I’m sure. Yet Roddin’ & Racins’ reliance on readers of our print and electronic versions, as well as the businesses and individuals who spend their money on advertisements in those products, remains constant. We do not express our gratitude often enough; nevertheless, we are grateful and hope that our work and our paper have contributed, in some way, to the betterment of the car community and the promotion of many businesses we publish each month.

Arizona and its many communities are highly engaged and for over 30 years the people of Roddin’ and Racin’ — the publisher and editors, writers, printers, sales, deliverers and more — have been fortunate to live in a state where people have high expectations of us, and hold us accountable to those expectations.

As 2022 passes and 2023 dawns, yet in life there never is an old year that we can throw away as we easily throw away an old calendar. 22’ flows into 23’ and what we were yesterday is a record of what we will be tomorrow. New Year’s resolutions have their place when they reflect our view of what has been good and what has been bad in the experiences of the recent past and what we hope to make of the days that lie ahead. So for you who fortify your resolutions with goodwill, and chart your life course by the Golden Rule — the year ahead will hold promise.