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8151 E. Main St. #15
East Mesa, AZ. 85207

Monday – Friday: 8:00am – 5:00pm
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I’m excited because my 1970 Camaro project is almost finished. A few weeks ago Harley and his FAST Motorsports guys pulled out the 383 small block that had the bad vibration. Today I dropped off the Camaro and the new small block engine that Brian from GEN 2 Automotive & Machine upgraded for me. After they do the complete engine install and then run the engine at 1500 RPM for 15 minutes to break in the new cam, I will be able to drive the car anywhere. I still have body prep and painting to do, but driving it will be my first priority. In the shop on this day, was a big 2014 Dodge 3500 4×4 pickup. A shop specialty is automatic transmission diagnostics and repair/rebuilds. The Dodge transmission is being completely rebuilt. An early 2000’s Buick is also receiving a transmission rebuild. Above the Buick is a 1969 Ford Mustang. The shop is converting it from the original 3-speed automatic to a Ford automatic overdrive transmission for better highway driving and improved gas mileage. A Dodge minivan is getting new motor mounts and other mechanical repairs and upgrades. Next to the van, a Jeep is getting some serious suspension upgrades and some other mechanical repairs. A Toyota Avalon is receiving some front suspension and brake repairs. FAST Motorsports in East Mesa is a general automotive repair shop that specializes in transmissions and they love working on older vehicles like my1970 Camaro. Call them at 623-200-2962. Please mention Roddin’ Arizona when you call.

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