We all have to make them on a daily basis. For Car Nut Balls like me, those decisions are made even harder when you have A D D Attention Deficit Disorder. ADD affects your ability to get things done, especially when you have multiple tasks at hand. In my case, I have FOUR project vehicles in the works right now, which actually causes me to lose sleep thinking about what and when I should do things for each vehicle. This morning I’ve made the decision to sell all 4 of the vehicles. I already knew that 3 had to go, but I had been planning to keep the 1973 Dodge Dart Swinger as my drag race car. That was until yesterday, when it finally got a front end alignment. The alignment has dramatically made the car safer and easier to drive, but the shop also gave me a laundry list of front suspension problems that should be addressed. The Dodge is a pretty neat rust free car, with a race built 340 V-8 engine and 727 Torqueflite 3 speed automatic transmission.

I have already spent over $3500 on upgrades, like the new 8.75 Posi rear end, new drag radial tires & two wheels, a new starter and shifter and it had to have new freeze plugs. So, right this minute I’ve already spent more than I expected and it needs a lot more to be a good reliable drag car. I don’t know anything about the engine, except that it starts and runs, doesn’t overheat, has good oil pressure and will need a full tune up including new plugs and plug wires and possible Holley carburetor rebuild. The transmission shifts well, but no idea about the torque converter stall speed, which is important for drag racing. The car is partially gutted and has no dash or original gauges and it needs at least a driver’s seat with built in safety belts for safer drag racing. To me, the car still needs a minimum of several thousand dollars in repairs and upgrades, not including that it has a bad vibration at over 45 miles per hour. It’s not the engine, because I drove it to 50mph, put it in neutral and shut off the engine, the vibration was still there. So, with all the good things and what it still needs, my decision is to sell it as a project car and cut my losses. I mentioned this, because as a Car Guy it’s always tough to give up on a project, but in my case in recent years, I’ve gone past when I should have stopped and lost money. Amazing isn’t it, that this is already the February ‘24 issue!