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When l needed new positive and negative battery cables for the winch on my car trailer, l knew that CE AUTO ELECTRIC SUPPLY could make them for me at the exact length and with the special ends required. One end had a small 5/16” fitting, the other was a standard battery clamp. The new cables are way better than the ones that had failed.

CE AUTO ELECTRIC SUPPLY offers the ability for you to build and order CUSTOM CABLES of nearly any configuration right on their website. You simply select the photo of the cable assembly you want to build, build it while you watch it come together in real time, and order it. The process couldn’t be simpler. They build hundreds and hundreds of cables every month for customers all over the world! They have their own brand of cable, made to their standards, up to 4/0 AWG. All are full AWG specification finely stranded tinned Oxygen Free Copper to provide the utmost in flexibility and corrosion resistance.

FAN RELAY KITS: They’ve also developed a full line of Fan Relay Kits which have been designed to maximize performance by minimizing losses (heat) for single and dual fan applications. No expense was spared in the development and their performance is unmatched in the category! All kits utilize 10 AWG power, ground, and supply leads for each fan. In addition, all kits are housed in a compact waterproof enclosure and come with a full complement of installation hardware as well as step-by-step instructions. Their most popular kit is a 2-speed 70A Dual Fan Relay Kit which allows a pair of traditional singlewinding cooling fans to operate in low speed and then switch to high speed at a higher temperature. This greatly reduces the inrush current required as compared to turning on large fans from a dead stop and reduces fan noise at lower operating temperatures as compared to running one of the fans at full speed. They offer these kits with traditional Spal fan connectors as well as two different styles of OEM GM fan connectors for when doing LS swaps where the factory fans and shroud are retained. Every single Relay Kit is fully tested before it ever leaves the shop. TOOLS: They make over a hundred different kits – all designed and manufactured in-house! They build so many cables and kits that they’ve invested in production-grade electric over hydraulic crimping tools so that they can perform the same quality of terminations as the OEMs. Owner
TONY CANDELA insists on the highest quality and performance possible and spares no expense on tools to achieve that goal.

Keep them in mind for all of your automotive electrical needs, including Wiring. CE AUTO ELECTRIC SUPPLY also has a huge array of automotive wire in a multitude of colors and sizes. Be sure to check out their Newest Products at where you can create your own custom cables and order any of their products right there. RAMJETS’S SPEED SHOP in Phoenix (602-788-3012) stocks a huge selection of connectors, terminals, wire, and other parts from CE Auto Electric Supply.


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