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3601 N. 36th Ave.
Phoenix, Arizona 85019

In this update, we’ll talk about several very interesting projects happening at AZ Diff in Phoenix, Let’s start with my 1973 Dodge Dart, that will soon be fitted with a newly built Chrysler 83/4” rearend with 3.73 gear and posi, to replace the stock [wimpy] 71/4”. The Dodge originally came with the slant six engine and that small rearend was just fine for that low horsepower engine, but this Dodge now sports a 300+ horsepower 340 cid V-8. The shop narrowed the beefier rearend and used the spring perches and other components from the original rearend. Several other special projects include a ‘66 Ford Falcon, that was fitted with a new 9” Ford rear with 3.50 gear and posi. It also got new Wilwood rear disc brakes, QA1 coil-overs and a 4 link suspension. A 1963 406 stroker small block powered Chevy Nova wagon that had been converted from 4 doors to 2 doors was at the shop and has been upgraded with a new 9” Ford rear, air-bags and a 4 link suspension. The shop also fabricated a new radiator core support. A ‘75 Chevy Blazer is being turned into a full blown drag truck with twin turbo LS power. Shown, is a photo of the newly built 9” Ford rearend and the completely inhouse custom built rear suspension with a ladder bar setup. The last special project, that’s just getting started, is a 1962 Corvette. The AZ Diff shop will be creating a complete new custom built C-4 type suspension for it. This will be a full custom build, including the LS based engine and transmission. In the main shop, several daily driver vehicles, a Dodge 2500 pickup, a Jeep, a Toyota Tundra and a Chevy Blazer were all receiving various upgrades and repairs. People may not know that Arizona Differential also does the type of special projects mentioned in this update. They can build roll cages for racing, serious suspension upgrades including complete custom builds. Call them at 602-272-4600. Please mention Roddin’ Arizona when you call or stop by. They are located at 3601 N. 36th Ave. one block south from Clarendon off of 35th Ave. in Phoenix.


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