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  • Transfer Cases
  • Differentials
  • 4×4’s •Jeeps
  • Narrowing & Custom Rear-ends
  • Suspension Mods
  • O.E.M. & Aftermarket Parts
  • Over 400 Core Differentials in Stock for Small Parts



3601 N. 36th Ave.
Phoenix, Arizona 85019

Arizona Differential has been in business for well over 25 years doing just about anything and everything related to your car, truck, and 4 x 4 vehicle’s differential, driveshaft, and suspension. They do a lot of custom modifications and upgrades, including full custom differential builds and suspensions. On any given day, the shop will have at least a few pickup trucks up on one of their heavy-duty vehicle lifts, receiving a differential rebuild or maybe a gear ratio change, or maybe it’s being converted to a positraction type of system, or maybe it’s just getting new wheel bearings or U-joints that were beginning to make noise. There are several examples of trucks and a Jeep shown here, that are all having service, repairs, or upgrades. Also shown is my 1970 Camaro, which they have custom built and installed a 9” Ford rearend with 3.23 gear ratio, positraction and completely hooked up the Ford drum brakes to the Camaro’s brake system. While at AZ DIff, they also removed the Camaro’s original 3 speed manual transmission & shifter and installed my Turbo 400 3-speed automatic transmission and a new B & M gate shifter and a new Hughes Performance 2500 stall torque converter. The new transmission required some modifications to the transmission cross member and a new mini starter was required. The Camaro’s driveshaft also required modifications, including a new slip yoke to fit the Turbo 400 motorhome transmission. New heavy-duty Spicer U-joints were also used on the computer spin-balanced driveshaft. My 1970 Camaro is a great example of the custom work that AZ Differential has been doing for many years. Call them at 602-272-4600 and please mention Roddin’ AZ when you call.


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