• Traditional Powder Coating

  • High-Temp Exhaust Coatings

  • Firearms Specialty Coatings (we are an ATF/FFL licensed facility)

  • Internal Motor Coatings

  • Teflon Coatings

  • Any other type of coatings, we’ll do it



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The examples shown here are just a small sample of the many  different types of automotive-related items that you can have professionally powder coated at Affordable Powder Coating in Phoenix. Up high is a full racing chassis, which they do a lot of including lots for the Off-Road hobby and racing. An old Chevy truck will be completely stripped down to the bare metal, a process that just about every piece goes through before the powder coating process takes place. A bin full of different types of headers and even a turbocharger housing will soon be powder coated. A complete rear differential assembly will be powder coated. The powder coating process basically bakes on a super durable color coating (multiple hundreds of colors) and is available in different textures of your choice. They do lots of wheels and motorcycle components too. There is one photo of some industrial equipment, another regular type of item that benefits from powder coating. Call Affordable Powder Coating at 602-272-0268 and please mention Roddin’ & Racin’ when you call.


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