9th Annual Havasu Deuce Show

March 7-9, 2024 – Lake Havasu City Rotary Park

by Chris Addington

Lake Havasu City welcomed hundreds of 32 Ford Deuce enthusiasts, and 1957 and earlier classics to the 9th Annual Havasu Deuce Show. For those who did not know, Lake Havasu City is the de facto hot rod capital of the WORLD with more Hot Rod Classics per capita than anywhere else! The event was presented by Havasu Deuce’s, a non-profit group of 1932 Ford Enthusiast, and Rodding USA. The London Bridge Resort was the host hotel the week of the event.

Wednesday, started with a cruise to the Pirates Den for a great breakfast in Parker, by both Deuces and ’57 and older classics, hot rods and customs. The day was great, not too hot, not too cold.

Registration opened Thursday at 8am, with clouds in the sky and was handled efficiently so that you got your packet easily. T-shirts and other swag were available for purchase along with friendly faces of the Havasu Deuce members. Next on the agenda was “Deuces Downtown” where McCullah was closed off with Deuces on one side and Pre 57’s on the other side. The street was closed by the City, so no issues parking. Throughout the day over a thousand spectators could be seen walking and enjoying the classic rides. The weather was a bit wet in the am, but quickly turned, and as you know steel does not melt! Many food options were available with many having outside dining to enjoy “Deuce ambience”.

The garage tour started promptly at 9am with 7 gracious hosts inviting all of us GearHead participants to see their domain of pride and joy as well as where many were built! The turnout was stellar with parking a bit tight at most garage locations. Courtesy was the rule of the day, and it was fine as GearHead helping GearHead prevailed. The garages ran the gamut with something for everyone to enjoy. Participation was brisk with at least 150 participants at a time taking in the garages. Kudos go out to the garages who provided snacks and water. Later there was a dinner, tickets available at London Bridge Resort.

Saturday brought us to the Grass Ballfields at Rotary Park in Lake Havasu City for the Car Show. This was all in sight of Lake Havasu City creating an atmosphere like nowhere else. Food, women’s world, and hot rod vendors were. well rounded and made a time to rest between Deuces. Most every 32 Ford Deuce types were represented at the event. About half of the participants were non-Deuce vehicles 57 and earlier. This gave us an event with more than 400 vehicles. The deuces lined up on one end of the field in lines and 57/earlier vehicles on the other, most vehicles facing the same direction, which made it easy for the spectators to enjoy and appreciate all our classic vehicles. The awards ended the event with the normal drawings and this event is in the books! This event is on my list for next year and I hope to drive my 32 Deuce Roadster to the coolest Deuce Show on the map!

All proceeds from the show and merchandise sales to the Lake Havasu High School Athletics Program are in the form of scholarships.