This started with a cab from a 1937 Ford truck, which has been chopped.  The lower cab has had four inches removed.  It was built as a unit body, so there is no frame.  The hood is a reworked 1941 truck hood.  It has a 302 Ford mated to a 1993 Ford T-5 manual transmission.  The differential is from a Ford Explorer shortened and beefed up by Arizona Differential Specialists on Grand Avenue.  The wheels are discontinued Jegs, 15×6 front and 15×10 rear.  A/C  and Power Steering. Mike built this for his good friend, Johnmark Bradley and his wife Marcia.  Marcia named the truck Louise.  Johnmark is a real Ford guy, also a Dallas Cowboys fan.  Johnmark wanted a Rat Rod, so this is Mike’s version of a Rat Rod.  Mike tried to make it look like his shop truck.  That is why it has a full house and abbreviations M.A.A.C. on the doors for ‘Mike’s All-American Classics’. The artwork was done by “Chavo”.

It took Mike just about a year to build this truck.  Mike, and his friend Porfirio ‘Porfy’ Pina, picked up the cab in Chino Valley.  Mike painted the truck satin gray to match his last name!  Mike left some dents in the cab to stay true to Rat Rods.  Everything else is new sheet metal.  It is all hand-formed.   The taillights are ‘shoebox’ Ford and the headlights and turn signals are from a 1988 Harley Davidson FXR.   The 302 Ford is 404 horsepower.  The headers are re-worked Schoenfeld dirt track headers.  The truck has a Speedway Mustang 2 front axle, with coilovers all the way around.  Mike built the truck in his backyard shop.  The truck weighs 2200 pounds and it really goes.  Mike took it to the AZ. Rockabilly Bash car show in March 2024, which is one of the best shows and it really powdered a Ford truck that wanted to mess with it.  Johnmark and Marcia are coming from Pittsburg in June to pick up their truck, and Mike is really going to miss Louise.  Mike really enjoyed building this truck and hopes Johnmark and Marcia have a lot of fun with it.

Owners: Johnmark and Marcia Bradley

Photos by

Rod Loveless